Marybeth omido

Director // Creator

MaryBeth Omido is a first-generation Kenyan American from the Midwest. MaryBeth is involved in a handful of social justice organizations in the OKC metro. She is an all around curious person who loves to hear others share their stories.



Marissa is an Oklahoma native who is passionate about education, social justice & lifelong growth in critical consciousness. She is excited to join the AMMB project to pursue a deeper conversation around blackness in America and around the world. 



Mark is an Oklahoma local photographer and videographer. He’s edited, shot, and overseen the creation of over 100 videos ranging from wedding highlights to music videos. Getting the opportunity to work on AMMB has been an incredible dive into the production of a documentary as well as a look into the lives & experiences of other Americans.



Kristen is an independent filmmaker and photographer.  She spent 6 months in Cairo filming the story of a group of Sudanese refugees who fled their home in the middle of brutal civil war.  She has worked on several independent films, and has worked with various non-profits and small businesses creating photography and videography media for them.  Kristen loves working on documentaries because storytelling is an undeniable trait of the human race - we relate to each other through our stories and these connections encourage us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. 


Creative Coordinator

Rachel is a Tulsa native that is currently residing in Norman while finishing up her undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma. She wanted to be a part of the AMMB team because she wants to shine a light on the racial and ethnic divides that have lingered in America. Some things that Rachel loves include: coffee, babies, dogs, shooting photos and MaryBeth Omido.


Merchandise Manager

Blessing Ikpa is a Norman native and graduating senior from OU, who will be chasing her dreams in our nation’s capital of Washington DC. Blessing wanted to be a part of this documentary because as an African-American (Nigerian), she finds herself walking the line between associating as an African-American––or simply black. Understanding, analyzing, and loving her blackness is one of the most important things to her.


Design + Identity

OKC weirdo and a little bit of a work-a-holic. Loving creative weirdness and creating websites are among Jacob's most time-consuming hobbies. He believes no one person can every have enough of the following: Golden Retrievers, LOTR, and 90s video games. If you like/know of his role model inspiration, Masashi Kishimoto, there's a 110% chance you'll be friends.